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Why Choose Hemp?

August 29, 2019

Why Choose Hemp?

If you had to choose a pair of shoes that were made of hemp or a pair made from non-hemp, which would you choose? What about building a structure? Would you choose hemp construction materials such as hempcrete or would you stick with normal concrete? What are the consequences of choosing hemp as an alternative to most everyday products?

The environmental impact of Hemp is seen as positive. Industrial hemp has the ability to sequester higher amounts of carbon through photosynthesis, storing it in the body and the plant’s roots providing the world with a much need increase in carbon capture.

Carbon capturing comes from a plants ability to take carbon out of the air through photosynthesis and store it deep in the soil within the plant's roots. Hemp has a higher root biomass with the plants root making up about 20% of the plant itself.

The roots of industrial hemp can penetrate a foot of the earth's soil within the first week of growth and can extend down to eight feet making it flood resistant and creating aeration deep within the ground while enriching the soil throughout the process.

However, most hemp is not planted and left in the ground. It is ripped up and processed into various everyday products. The main goal would be to capture the carbon and tie this carbon up into manufactured products.

Products such as hemp twine or rope can be a durable alternative to use to hang clothing and save on energy costs or for crafting.

There is hemp clothing such as hats, shoes, shirts, pants, and even towels. Hemp has even been put into soap, paper, protein powder, and CBD oil. These are all important alternatives that can have a positive impact on the environment

There even exists a sports car made form cannabis hemp.

Now, one must look at why hemp would be a better alternative than something made from cotton like clothing. Environmentally, cotton is a very water and pesticide intensive plant too grow with a much higher environmental cost. Hemp grows quicker with less water and little to no pesticides or herbicides. Per acreage, hemp will product roughly 1500 pounds of fiber whereas cotton will product about 500 pounds per acre.

We all have a role to play in helping the planet heal. Switching to hemp products and ingredients may be a step in the right direction.

Stay tuned. 

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